The website of the 99th Entry of Apprentices,
Royal Air Force Locking, Somerset

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July 6th 2018
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99th NEWS

The website Britain from Above provided this:

The Locking Gate Guard Spitfire is now airborne as part of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight - see this link.

Frank Rawlins has found his signing-on papers and the letter his parents received, setting out his pay, for instance, which was quite startlingly low. You can find them, as .pdf files, from the Photo pages.

Development at the RAF Locking site

Proposals for development at the old RAF Locking site continue apace. On top of the housing development currently underway, the latest is that the proposed £50m Leisuredome development has received the go-ahead from W-S-M planners.

The Leisuredome will feature a 201-metre ski slope, 40-metre indoor climbing wall, indoor surfing centre, sky-diving facility, children's centre, BMX skateboard park, gymnasium and meeting facilities and will be built on 12.7 acres of the old RAF Locking site and is hoped to bring in 500,000 extra visitors to the area and £369m each year.

For more details log on to and the 104th entry website.

Courtesy of the 104th Entry, who have a terrific archivist, we have a copy of the Locking Review of Autumn 1964 with an article on our own Passout.
For a pdf copy click here ...


About the 99th Entry at Locking
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The two hundred and one freshly-scrubbed members of the 99th. Entry of Royal Air Force Apprentices arrived, quaking in their grubby civilian shoes, at No. 1 Radio School, RAF Locking, near Weston-super-Mare, in September 1961. We were probably the biggest entry of apprentice wireless and radar technicians at Locking.

One hundred and seventy-two of us passed-out three years later, and through the intervening years we have dispersed all over the world as far as Australia, New Zealans, South Africa the Philippines, the U.S.A and Mexico - and, of course, Weston-super-Mare, where there is still a thriving colony of Apprenti of various species in their native habitat. Doncaster also seems to be a favourite place to live, and there is a growing community in Spain.

To celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the formation of the 99th. a big reunion was held in September 2001 in Weston-super-Mare, and another even bigger-one in 2004, at the Royal Hotel, Weston, to commemorate Passing-Out.

A drive is still on to contact old friends, whether they made it to pass-out or not - there are fond memories of and frequent requests to find those who didn't stay with us until the bitter end in July 1964. Largely through the efforts of Bob Storey and Chris Horn we now have over a hundred and fifty names (Tony Pugh was the Ninety-Ninth to turn up). The full list, with addresses, is available in our secure area. If you are a Ninety-Niner, possibly not known to us, who has just browsed into the site, or if you simply haven't been given a password because of a cock-up, you need to register because the members-only personal pages can only be viewed using a password. If for any reason you can't do this you can call Ken Bowker on 01687 470268.

If you know of any ex-99th Entry Apprentices who have not yet been contacted, then please email us

Their website has disappeared

Mike Rafferty
runs the slick 98th website at and can be contacted there.

Tony Lindon runs the startling 100th website at . You can contact him via the website.

The 103rd website has disappeared.

(and the demolition of Locking)
Pete Harry runs the 104th website at and can be contacted via that site, which has some splendid and historic photos of Locking being demolished.

At exactly the same time as we signed up, another much rowdier bunch of 99th Apprentices joined at RAF Halton to learn different skills. If you're an ex-Halton 99er, and you want to get in touch with them again then click here to go to the 99th Halton website.

Some 99th Locking Apprentices have been mislaid.
Can YOU help to find them?

CLICK HERE to see a detailed list from Bob Storey of the folk we're still looking for. Bob used a BT CD-ROM of the UK, plus an endless supply of notepaper and a very good relationship with RAF Innsworth.

Over the past couple of years Bob has put half his life into finding us all, so if you can help, please check the list and rack your brains to see if you can help in any way - a wife's name, a last meeting, an RAF Station, whatever moves us forward. And it does work - three of our recent new arrivals were just such 'finds'.

If you know of anyone we need to know about, please encourage them to email us.